Growth Hacking

3:45pm - 4:45pm Tuesday, 19Th October

AsiaWorld Expo / Side Room

Want to grow your startup? Get users? Or generate more revenue? You’ve probably heard of growth hacking, but do you really understand what it is?

In this workshop, you’ll not only learn about growth hacking and the methods that come with it, you’ll also dive deeper into best practices and funnel analysis, as well as be able to start applying new strategies to significantly increase your customer base.

What You'll Learn

All workshops are hands-on. After a short theoretical introduction, we will start with practical work in groups or individually. This way, we make sure you can immediately put all your gained knowledge into practice.

  • Have an understanding of what growth really is

  • Know how to approach growth the right way

  • Learn how successful startups are currently applying it to increase their user base.

  • Create a growth hack strategy in order to optimize your conversion funnel.

  • Have a better understanding how to use SEO, online PR, paid ads, remarketing, guest blogging, social media to leverage growth

  • Know how to create viral campaigns, A/B testing and how to identify your most valuable acquisition channels

Who It's For

  • Startup founders and marketers who are looking to grow their user base or secure the next round of funding

  • Early stage startups or startups close to product-market fit

  • Digital marketers working for bigger clients or agencies

  • Consultants, freelancers, online marketers

  • Investors or business managers who are looking for startups to invest in

What To Bring

  • A basic knowledge of marketing concepts

  • A working knowledge of PowerPoint or other slide-based tool

  • A laptop and power cord

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