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About Startup Launchpad

Startup Launchpad (SULP), which is owned and produced by Global Sources, is Asia’s largest hardware

trade show that facilitates global distribution between startups and renowned online and offline retailers.

Our event showcases more than 300 exhibiting hardware startups to over 63,000 global buyers from 240

countries and regions; a conference program with more than 18 conference sessions and 18 thought

leaders (a.k.a. heroes) covering topics from ideation to distribution, and from emerging trends to new

innovations of the future.


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This conference run through 6 days from 12 - 14 & 19 - 21 Oct 2017.
We also provide free lunch and coffee break in each day.
Day 1
11 Oct 2017
Day 2
12 Oct 2017
Day 3
13 Oct 2017
Day 4
14 Oct 2017
Day 5
18 Oct 2017
Day 6
19 Oct 2017
Day 7
20 Oct 2017
Day 8
21 Oct 2017

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for the launch of the Oct 2017 Startup Launchpad consumer electronics show. 10:50 a.m.:      Reception – Global Sources senior executives to meet with & Invest HK executives 11:00...
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The role of different organisations in helping hardware startups secure investment

The hardware startup ecosystem is filled with different organisations, from incubators to accelerators, co-working spaces, venture capitalists, etc. How do you know which to go to and when? This talk...
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Frank Chen
Frank Chen

Internet of Stupid Things

The premise of this presentation is that so many startups are focusing on making everything connected without first validating consumer needs.  This statement will be backed by a case study...
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Eddie Tsai
Eddie Tsai
15:00 - 15:45


Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for the launch of the Oct 2017 Startup Launchpad mobile electronics show.

How to Launch a Million Dollar Crowdfunding Campaign

Ever heard of: 1) Reolink: https://www.indiegogo.com/…/reolink-argus-truly…/x/12899095… 2) Plug: https://www.indiegogo.com/…/plug-the-world-s-mo…/x/12899095… 3) Mokacam: https://www.indiegogo.com/…/the-world-s-smallest…/x/12899095 These are all campaigns that have raised 6 figures or close to it. Want to know what their secret was? Hear...
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Ivan Kan
Ivan Kan

Life after crowdfunding. What they don’t tell you after you are funded!

There is a wealth of knowledge on how to run a crowdfunding campaign, what steps to take, how to edit your video… but no one seems to talk about what to...
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Paul Lee
Paul Lee
15:00 - 15:45


WORKSHOP: How to Optimize Your Crowdfunding Page for Success

In this Workshop, Sandy will be sharing optimization tips for the time that it’s easiest to freak out: campaign page optimization. Let’s face it – there’s no way you will appeal...
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Sandy Diao
Sandy Diao

Separating Fact from Fiction—The Realities of Selling and Distributing Hardware

Success in business largely depends on an enterprise’s ability to sell products to the end-users or retailers and the hardware space is no different. Sadly, many hardware startups overlook the...
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dana madlem
Dana Madlem

How to interpret the data on e-commerce platform and make decisions based on it

A lot of the times we know what analytics tools to install and what to metrics to track, but what we are unable to draw any actionable conclusions because we...
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Eytan wiener
Eytan Wiener

Pricing your Hardware Startup with a SAAS component

Figuring out the right pricing for your hardware startup is a challenging, yet crucial, part of building a successful company. The way you price your product can make or break...
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Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell

Plan Your Exit Before You Start

Even after you double the valuation, after much sweat and work, as a hardware startup, you don’t make more money personally. What’s the point then? What are your drivers? What...
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Alex So
Alex So


Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong
Cheong Wing Rd, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
+(852) 3606 8888launchpadhk@globalsources.com

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October 11-14 | 18-21, Hong Kong, Asia-World Expo

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