Exhibit Details:

  • Client: NanoGrid Co. Ltd
  • Project: Nanoleaf – Lighting that’s Smarter by Design
  • Exhibition: Global Sources – Startup Launchpad (Consumer Electronics Edition)
  • Venue: Asia World Expo, Hong Kong
  • Size: 6 x 3 metres

Client Objective

  • Nanoleafis a green technology company that is currently specializing in LED lighting. Founded in 2012 by three engineers, the company launched its first two products with crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter.
  • Nanoleaf is focused on sustainable, design focused lighting solutions in both non-connected and the connected space.
  • Global Sources – Startup Launchpad is Asia Largest Consumer Electronics Sourcing Show for Startups whom are looking to distribute to global markets, and buyers whom are looking for trending innovative products.
  • The objective at Global Sources – Startup Launchpad was to look for distributor for Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter kit to sell to multiple overseas market, and most importantly to widely cover the user community globally.

Startup Launchpad Response

  • Startup Launchpad discussed and provided a superb environment for Nanoleaf to seek their distribution partner, by providing business matching opportunity, online sourcing advertisement, onsite awards…etc. This experience given higher than what Nanoleaf team expected, and within one years’ time they are not only distributing globally, but now in 500 Best-Buy stores in the U.S.


“Startup Launchpad had helped us big time in building our global distribution network. Not only we were able to get our products into big retail store shelves, but we also met key personnel that allow us to work closely with Apple Home Kit!!” COO, Christian Yan, NanoGrid

Startup Launchpad provides the commercialization ecosystem for tech-hardware startups to find their distributors to global markets, and tailor the services depending where current growth stage.