Future Of Retail: Emerging Technology

Future Of Retail: Emerging Technology


The Future of Retail conference took place this October 2018 featuring 60+ carefully curated practitioners who came to teach and impart knowledge to our audience. It was split into 2 days with a focus on Retail investments and Emerging tech in the retail space.

The advanced solutions / technologies (big data / AI / IoT) to Meet Dynamic Consumer Demand

How Big Data & Analytics Tracking are impacting how we Meet Dynamic Consumer Demand

1. What does consumer demand look like for the next five years? (demand & market trends)
2. How can retailers and startups use advanced analytic solutions/technologies (big data/AI) to create an accurate consumer portrait?
3. What are the best practices collecting and using consumer data and maintaining transparency? (privacy issues; solutions; Facebook Cambridge Analytica)
4. How can small- and medium-sized companies can harness big data to grow their businesses and better compete with larger competitors?

How is retail innovation rising to the challenge of changing supply chains and smart logistics?

1. What are the most pressing challenges for supply chain management today? (bullwhip effect; inefficiency)
2. How can companies make better use of warehouse space and increase inventory carry rates? What new technologies/solutions can help?
3. How can companies use intelligent logistics to create a faster flow of goods?
4. How can companies efficiently manage the supply chain to better synchronize with a dynamic market?

Moby Mart, a supermarket that will drive to your door

New Retail gets smarter with Startup tech collaboration. Win win or threat? Learnings from China

Are you really solving a real problem and adding customer delight? How Industry Open Innovation and Startup Partnerships is Accelerating China’s New Retail Tech Revolution and New Capabilities

Using omnichannel retail to provide a seamless shopping experience

1. What are the differences between multi-channel and omni-channel?
2. What can companies do to improve omni-channel customer experiences?
3. What technological barriers still exist for executing an omni-channel strategy?
4. How can retailers and brands avoid channel conflicts as they adopt these new technologies?
5. How do retailers and brands ensure customer engagement across channels, and what kind of POS solutions can help?
6. What is the next step for omni-channel retail? How is it different from what we have today?

Customer Experience is the Foundation of Retail Growth

This panel will address the changes in how consumers discover, shop and buy, including the next generation of commerce both in stores and online.
1. Analyzing changes in consumer behaviour
2. Ways to integrate valuable data to remain competitive
3. How to enhance interactive experiences for customers? (cultivate community, in-store experience, after-sales service)
4. How to meet customers’ increasing demand for transparency and sustainability

RetailTech (R)-Evolution 2.0: Digitizing the customer journey

The user journey in an IoT Store Providing extra value with smart systems using consumer data Amazon Go, Moby Store, Alibaba’s IoT supermarkets Hema… can they be considered a success in learning how Connected Stores work in practice?