Future Of Retail: Investments in Retail

Future Of Retail: Investments in Retail


The Future of Retail conference took place this October 2018 featuring 60+ carefully curated practitioners who came to teach and impart knowledge to our audience. It was split into 2 days with a focus on Retail investments and Emerging tech in the retail space.

Global Retail Technology Investments – a VC’s perspective

Investing astutely in areas of technology will be critical for retailers to prosper. To boost transparency, better understand consumer preferences and enhance customer service is more than essential for future retailers. The keynote will elaborate: – An overview of the key global tech investments trends within the value chain of retail, supply chain and logistics – Gain a clear vision of the role that tech startups play in shaping the retail industry of the future

What are the key investment trends in Asia to watch out for?

The panel will discuss the following investment areas:
1.) Personalization
2.) Artificial intelligence and cognitive software
3.) Data collection and analytics tools
4.) Mobile website experience
5.) Social media retail
6.) Augmented reality (AR)
7.) Internet of Things and sensors
8.) Voice
9.) Robotics and
10.) Automated systems and programmatic advertising.

In the era of New Retail, how to drive corporate innovation and long-term growth by engaging tech startups

The Keynote speech will focus on how start-ups and entrepreneurs can benefit from being lifted to the heights by their corporate investors. In return, the giants benefit from increased exposure to emerging technologies, the ability to create new ecosystems and to connect their startups to other parts of their own corporations for commercial arrangements and other collaborations.

Leading corporate approaches in supporting innovation in retail sectors, and the added value that they bring alongside early-stage investors

Issues for discussion: – discuss the different mechanisms available to corporations to drive innovation – shed insights on how corporate venturing programs are structured and best practices for gaining a competitive advantage through corporate venturing and innovation initiatives – and look at how young companies in China can co-operate with MNCs in order to create business success and strategic value for both partners

What more needs to be done in the Greater China region to provide long term support and investment for startups to scale up

Fintech trends/innovation that disrupt the retail sector

Blockchain investments spur sustainable development in the retail industry

The profound impact of blockchain technologies extends to other industries, such as retail and healthcare. The session will seek to develop ideas on how to increase the positive impact and minimize the negative effects of blockchain technologies on investment for development. Issues for the debate:
• The trends of investment on blockchain solutions
• Given the strong investment in blockchain technologies from retail industry, what are the challenges
• The risks and opportunities of blockchain for sustainable development
• Regulatory and policy precedents, concerns and responses
• How are regulators keeping up with this ever-changing tech landscape?