Elaine Ann

Founder/Director, Kaizor Innovation
Elaine Ann_Kaizor Innovation

Elaine runs a strategic innovation consultancy Kaizor Innovation helping Western companies strategize their products for the China market including Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Intel, BMW, Motorola Siemens etc.

In HK/China, she has helped multiple Startup businesses on their User Experience and business strategy including GoAnimate, Wisers Information, CNNGo (internal startup of CNN), iMerchants Beanstalk Wealth Management, Micai, Floatti, Darizi, AirGini etc.  In 2008 she worked with single entrepreneur of GoAnimate to strategize and design the User Experience of a prototype in 1 month that raised US$1.4million in Silicon Valley angel funding that later became one of the ‘coolest’ app on Facebook and featured on CNN.com.

Elaine is also a veteran of the early dot-com era in the mid 90’s working in the U.S. for companies such as Razorfish, Philips Design, Fitch Worldwide in New York and Silicon Valley and have designed the User Experiences of some of the very early Internet/technology businesses such as Schwab.com, Intuit’s Quicken, Philips Networked Home etc.. Elaine did her undergrad and Masters at Carnegie Mellon with a Masters in Interaction Design and Visual Communications for undergrad. She is also an alumni of the Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking Bootcamp and EMBA of the Cheung Kong Business School. Elaine is also on the Advisory Committee for both IVE and HK PolyU School of Design and have been training corporates and students alike on User Experience and New Product/Services Innovation for the past 10 years. She also runs the Interaction Design Association of Hong Kong and was Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association between 2012-2014.