George Stepancich

CEO, Invisionate, LLC
George Stepancich

George Stepancich is the CEO and founder of Invisionate,LLC. Prior to starting the Company, Mr.Stepancich has spent the last 10 years running GoldLantern, LLC, a Consumer Electronics Company. Formerly he was the chief architect of vision and strategy for a start up venture funded by Goldman Sachs.

Prior to that Stepancich was Director of Business Development for the Telecom division of Siemens AG that generated $2 billion in sales. Mr. Stepancich joined Siemens from NETCOM a successful Internet Service Provider which was acquired for $256 million.

At NETCOM he headed Business Development and launched the Company’s initiatives into wireless, broadband Internet, and e-commerce. Mr. Stepancich also developed and directed GTE’s Internet Services strategy and served as Associate Director of Telecommunications for the University of California at San Diego.

Mr. Stepancich received a BA degree in Business from California State University and attended courses from faculty and staff associated with Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Yale.

Mr. Stepancich is both a past and present member of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Executive Board, Industry Board of Leaders, Wireless Division Board, Chairman of the Accessory Board, and a trustee of the CEA Foundation.