Jerry Liu

CEO, BroadLink
Jerry Liu_BroadLink

Liu Zongru, Ph.D, CEO of Hangzhou Gubei Electronics Technology (BroadLink), former project manager, architecture and integration director of 60 GHz Wi-Fi program in Melbourne University. As a member of IEEE 802.11 Working Group, Dr. Liu has 10+ years of experience in R&D of Wi-Fi chips, Wi-Fi related products and standard formulation. Dr. Liu’s team successfully developed the world’s first direct mixing 60 GHz wireless CMOS chip in the National Communication Laboratory of Australia in 2007 and demonstrated wireless DVD video transmission in 2008.

In August, 2013, Dr. Liu attended the final of Demo China Mobile Internet Session and won the national champion as the team of BroadLink. In June, 2014, Dr. Liu attended the Sino-American Entrepreneurship Competition held in Silicon Valley and won No.1 in software and hardware group. The smart home solution proposed by Dr. Liu was awarded by the Promotion Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “2014 Most Valuable Investment Solution”. Dr. Liu was selected in the “Thousand Talents Program” of Zhejiang Province in 2012 and The Recruitment Program of Global Experts of Hangzhou and granted as the distinguished expert of Hangzhou. Dr. Liu is also entitled as the visiting professor and special research fellow of Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Dianzi University.

In 2013, Dr. Liu co-founded BroadLink and brought this young startup as one of the most well-known smart home solution providers with leading the trend in the industry. With first running of smart home gadgets in China like smart plug and smart universal remote, BroadLink shocked the industry with great success and innovative brand image. Dr. Liu then proposed the “BroadLink DNA” concept which is committed to the building of interconnected eco-system for smart home industry. Most of traditional home appliance manufacturers, sensor providers and Internet giants are attracted to BroadLink DNA program and play important roles in the powerful eco-system of smart home solution.