Renaud Anjoran

President, China Manufacturing Consultants

Renaud Anjoran has been president of China Manufacturing Consultants in Shenzhen since 2012. He and his team help factories improve quality, increase productivity, automate processes, and increase capacity.

Renaud is also the founder of Sofeast, a quality assurance company based in Foshan, China. He provided factory audits, product inspections, and related engineering services for hundreds of foreign buyers through since 2007.

In 2005 and 2006, Renaud worked for a French importer’s Hong Kong branch. He participated in purchasing campaigns, performed a trading activity, and followed up on production. He received a MS in International Business from Bordeaux Business School and an MBA from Wake Forest University. He is also a certified ISO 9001 lead auditor and an ASQ certified quality engineer. Renaud is Vice Chair of the Sourcing Forum for the European Chamber of Commerce in South China. He writes practical advice for importers several times a week on the blog.