Sheldon Li

Co-founder, ZhenHub
sheldon li

Despite his youthful appearance, Sheldon is a logistics titan. Having worked in DHL, Morning Express and founding 3 successful logistics startups he has seen this industry go through different business cycles. Sheldon was awarded his Honors in Bachelor of Science majoring in Actuarial Science, Statistics and Economics from University of Toronto and then went on to complete his Masters of Science in Risk Management from Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ZhenHub – an inventory and order management system with an automated logistics platform.

Sheldon oversaw the rapid growth in his companies and successfully closed a sizable investment deal from Singapore Post in Morning Express. Despite his accolades at such a young age, Sheldon is a humble entrepreneur. He is an advocate and thought leader for Smart Cities and Logistics Automation through Big Data and hopes to be able to greatly contribute to sustainable cities in the near future.