Slava Solonitsyn

Partner, Ruvento Ventures

Slava Solonitsyn has dedicated his career to getting intelligent startups off the ground. Slava has a background in physics, but started his early career in the gaming world where he managed international projects for Disney and Electronics Arts. After completing his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College in London, Slava turned to venture capitalism. In 2011 Slava co-founded Ruvento Ventures, an incubator and venture firm supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Under his leadership, Ruvento incubated and funded over 15 companies including Touchjet, Crepop, Intellect Motion, Smartmissimo, Click Storm, and Lovebyte—all of which raised follow-on funding or were acquired. Towards the end of 2015, Slava raised a new VC fund under Ruvento that focused on global investments in IoT and hardware. Slava has invested in a number of notable startups in the US, including Boom Supersonic, Naked Labs, Megabots, Eight Sleep, PointOne Navigation, Revl, Pi Charging and others. In March 2016, Slava founded Enchant, a hardware 2.0 accelerator devoted to bringing connectivity to the familiar objects of our daily lives.