Startup Launchpad Trade and Tech Conference, October 18th -21st : Hot Products to Watch For

The Startup Launchpad Trade and Tech Conference kicks off on October 18th at the AsiaWorld-Expo with a whirlwind four days of speakers and exhibits, and attendees from 140+ countries. Whether you are an investor, part of a hardware startup, a manufacturing representative, or a buyer, you will be interested in checking out the innovations that will be put on display. Here we highlight just a few of the many impressive products and startups to keep an eye out for.

There is still time to register online to attend the trade show and conference—don’t miss out!

Biometrics and Wearables

  • PIE: Smart Tape Measure – PIE is an attractive tape measure meant for your body, and makes for an excellent addition to one’s fitness wearable collection. PIE is designed to keep track of various body measurements of interest, offering users the ability to accurately track one of the most satisfying physical metrics when assessing fitness and weight loss goals. PIE is one of the semi-finalists for the Startup Launchpad Investment Competition taking place on Thursday, October 18th.


  • Avoir RingWearable technology is getting even smaller and more practical with the Avoir Ring. The wearable ring comes in handy when your hands are fully occupied, allowing you to answer calls with a single touch. Additionally, the Avoir Ring gives you the peace of mind that you can automatically make an SOS call and send a text with your location information to loved ones.

Fashion and Beauty

  • CAJISO WatchThe CAJISO paper watch is an eye-catching paper watch that is ultra-thin and waterproof. It comes with all the functions of a regular watch but is perhaps the most comfortable and unique watch on the market. A variety of attractive designs can be chosen.


  • Namisen LED Makeup MirrorThis LED beauty mirror allows you to streamline your morning routine. While you apply your makeup, you can turn on the LED to see your way through the fine details of your foundation blending—all while also charging your cell phone in the 1500mAH charging port, or using the Bluetooth speaker or radio option.

Smart Home

  • Inirv – Inirv allows you to convert your basic stove into a wifi-connected smart stove that allows for monitoring from anywhere with a network connection with its app. With Inirv, you can set cooking times and burner settings, as well as receive reminders for flipping or stirring your food, as well as adding ingredients. Inirv is also one of the semi-finalists for the Startup Launchpad Investment Competition.


  • Pumpkin Pet Sitter Robot- Pumpkin is the dream robot for any overly-attached dog or cat owner. The robot is able to track your pet on-the-go, has unique laser and treat-throwing functions, and is equipped with an IP camera that allows you to monitor your pet from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Drones and Video Cameras

  • Youcan Robot BW Space – The Youcan Robot BW Space is the world’s first underwater photography robot that can recognize objects and follow targets while shooting 4k video. Amaze your friends with the live broadcast function that allows you to instantly transmit your underwater view!


  • AIRWOOD DIY Drone – The AIRWOOD is targeted toward students that don’t want to just fly drones, but want to design them. Users are able to change around the quadcopter’s wooden frame, as well as the programming, to customize their experience and learn valuable engineering skills.


See a video montage of some of the most impressive tech products that will be exhibited at the Startup Launchpad October 2018 Trade and Tech Conference beginning on Thursday, October 18th at the AsiaWorld-Expo. You will find many more impressively engineered products such as wireless headphones and earbuds, handheld language translators, and cell phone cases.

We’ll see you there!



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