Startup Launchpad is a premier trade show that helps hardware and solutions startups scale. Every April and October, 37,000+ retailers, 300+ startups, 250+ investors and 6000+ manufacturers come together to do business.


In three years, we have helped over 1000 startups:

  • Meet small to midsize retailers all in one place looking for innovative products for their shelves
  • Meet manufacturing partners to get their prototypes made or to scale their production runs
  • Meet investors looking to expand their portfolios
  • Sell their products or develop relationships that lead to sales even if they were just starting out

What Do You Get When You Join Startup Launchpad?

Sales - 37000 Global Retailers

Meet 37,000+ potential buyers actively looking for shelf-ready products. Get purchase orders or receive feedback to improve your product for scale.

Feedback - 1-on-1 Buyer Meetings

Making a connection is hard. Get 1-on-1 facetime with global buyers from 140+ countries and get product feedback. 

Network - Meet Like-Minded Individuals

There are thousands of attendees looking to connect with like-minded individuals and are willing to talk for free and to provide feedback and share some tips 

Manufacturing - Get Your Product Made Cheaper

Develop reliable partnerships with the right manufacturing partner. Choose from our 6,000+ companies. Reduce the cost of making your product

Pitch - Win Up To $100,000 US worth Of Prizes

Pitch your product or solution to investors and win cash and other prizes to give your business a boost.

Education - Learn from 50+ Thought Leaders

The Future of Retail Conference brings iconic global brands and disruptive Startups to share their insights and knowledge on the future of retail and connected commerce.

Why Startup Launchpad is Risk-Free For You To Try

  • Attend one of our mini-events in Shenzhen or Hong Kong and get a taste of our events
  • Watch our video series to learn more about retail and distribution
  • Download some of our success stories
  • Join one of our webinars and get equipped with the information you need to scale
  • You can even schedule a call with one of our Client Relationship Representatives for more info

50% of all Exhibitors at our show receive Purchase Orders.



Discover How Some Startups Are Using Our Show

  • International Startups (Not from China) use it in 2 ways
    • – To find manufacturing partners to reduce the cost of manufacturing their product
    • – To expand into Asian markets
  • Chinese Startups use it to meet global retailers and expand into overseas markets
  • Investors use it to find startups to who are ready for the next round of investment
  • Retailers use it to find shelf ready innovative products that they can sell in their stores
  • Attendees use it to learn and educate themselves on future trends

Still Not Convinced? See What Our Previous Customers Are Saying...

Startup Launchpad is a premier platform that helps you market,
refine and ultimately sell your products globally at scale.

Hear From Some Previous Exhibitors

Linnea Colt | Orii

Start-up Launchpad is a great platform for newcomers to meet international buyers and to gather feedback on pricing and packaging of your product!

Christian Yan | NanoLeaf

Startup Launchpad has helped us big time in building our global distribution network. Not only were we able to get our products into big retail store shelves, but we also met key personnel that allow us to work closely with Apple Home Kit!

V. Thinesh | Pebby

Startup launchpad has allowed us to save a tremendous amount of time and effort as we got to meet and present our product to a very wide network of potential buyer/distributors and speak to key decision makers

Mervi Heinaro | HUMU Flexound

What a great Exhibition! Buyers and distributors from around the world are all in one place for you to meet up and choose from, it saved us time and also cost to look for business, definitely should attend if you are looking for distributors, especially the Nordic startups, you will get all the help from enthusiastic Startup Launchpad team.

Kevin Luk | Speednite

The show is very helpful for us to meet more new clients from America and Europe. Highly Recommended!

Leon Chao | Vago

This is the second time of join the show. STARTUPLAUNCHPAD provides us with great opportunities to meet buyers and distributors from all over the world. We gain above 600 distributors and agents’ contacts in four‐days fair and receive above 60 channels took the initiative to contact us for further cooperation.

Best Haputpong | Igloohome

The event helped igloohome expand its horizon into hardware startups ecosystem within the region, and connected us with new buyers who were interested in our products.

Kwon Ohsung | Lumidiet

It was a great experience to be part of such a great trade show, and we though it was even much better for startups to show and present their products to a large group. We were able to meet many buyers from all over the globe and it was a great opportunity for us to see what types of products are leading the current market. We are also considering another participation in the future and hope it will be another great experience for us.

Anton Zriashchev | Glance Clock

 It’s a very good opportunity to meet people from all around the globe, who are interested in good innovation to get their feedback about the price about the product itself, about the quality and also, to look around and see maybe somebody doing something similar and we can do a partnership, so it’s very good potential and a very powerful platform

Paul Lee | Aumeo Audio

Crowdfunding is one thing… it lets you talk to the world but after that initial one shot opportunity… one shot event, you still need a platform to keep talking and meeting to different suppliers, retailers, distributors, even potential licensing partners, so I find this time well spent for the couple days that we stand here. I meet a lot of people and some of them have actually already produced some fruits for our future plans. So yes it’s a great way to meet people.

How Can I Take Part?

CEIR Study Reveals Cost of Initial Face-to-Face Meeting with a Prospect is for an Exhibition Lead is 90.7% cheaper than a Non Exhibition Prospect.


Startup Launchpad allows you to cut your costs drastically to find and close your retail prospects at a fraction of the price.

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