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So you just completed your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign and raised a lot of money… You are feeling good about yourself… your product is validated and you are on your way to make it big time!


You just successfully sold your startup product to what we call the Early Market. They make about 10% of consumers (Early Adopters and Innovators).


BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REMAINING 90% (Mainstream Market)

No Steady Stream of Cashflow

After the campaign, once you receive your lump sum, your revenue drops significantly unless you can find an alternative revenue source. How do you maintain your cash flow to stay afloat?

Lack of Knowledge of International Markets

You are selling in your home market, but know you need to expand overseas to scale your business. You just don’t know how to do this or where to look to even get started. 

Short Attention Span of Backers

Your campaign was on everyones mind, and made a lot of waves. You got a lot of press, but now it’s over and your audience is looking for the next exciting product to follow and back.

Lack of Knowledge of Retail

You are used to a process where the middle man has been cut out. You have no idea about margins or what retailers are looking for, or how to make your product attractive to them.


Startup Launchpad is a premier platform that helps you market,
refine and ultimately sell your products globally at scale.

Hear From Some Previous Exhibitors

Access to 35,000 Global Buyer

68% of startup exhibitors used Startup Launchpad to get access to over 35,000 global retailers from 127 markets. With the greatest variety of hardware to date, Startup Launchpad attracts quality buyers, distributors, and retailers to Hong Kong and offers unparalleled opportunities to break into any international market.

Find the right manufacturing partner

So close to Shenzhen, which is the manufacturing hub of the world, Startup Launchpad has a database of up to 6000+ manufacturers. Looking to reduce your manufacturing costs? There is no better place to identify, vet and establish new relationships with manufacturers who are eager to do business with hardware startups.

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