The biggest winners of SULP17 are all about smarts

The Startup Launchpad show got off to a roaring start last week as buyers poured into AsiaWorld-Expo to see the latest and greatest from startups looking to distribute their wares. The show continues on Wednesday, Oct. 18 through Saturday, Oct. 21. This half of the show focuses on mobile electronics products, and the accompanying Hardware Heroes conference has a new slate of great speakers.

The first half of the SULP show had both newcomers and startups returning after a successful run at previous shows. As we do every show, awards for best tech, best product design and problem solver were handed out to startups doing the best to push technology forward. From live translation to smart pet toys, the award winners this year showcased their own diverse takes on tech. Here’s a look at our winners:

Problem solver

1. LeTrans

This palm-sized translator is already compatible with 29 languages.

2. Matebot

Matebot is part of the Cyberport incubator and it arrived at the show with a new home assistant designed like a cat with big, inviting eyes to help people feel more comfortable conversing with it.

3. VivaLnk

VivaLnk started out with its Fever Scout patch that helps track users’ temperature (this is useful for parents looking to monitor a child’s fever). Their latest product is Vital Scout, a similarly unobtrusive patch that tracks heart rate and stress to help people stay healthy.

(Source: VivaLnk)

Best tech


ORII is another Cyberport company that drew a lot of attention with its vibrating smart ring that sends audio signals through bone conduction. A user can answer phone calls or talk to a smartphone assistant by simply putting a finger up to his or her ear.

2. RoboSea

RoboSea’s Biki is an underwater drone with a fun fish-like design. The drone is untethered and can follow users around as they seek the best shots under the sea.

3. Naptime

Tech that relies on reading brainwaves is still young, but Naptime is putting the current tech to good use by monitoring users’ current mental state and playing back the most appropriate music to help them fall asleep.

Best product design

1. Pebby

Pets deserve smart toys, too, and they have one thanks to Pebby. The Pebby ball lets users keep tab on their pets and play with them remotely. It includes a built-in camera and laser pointer.

(Source: Pebby)

2. AtomBit

The AtomBit water monitor gives users a simple quality index number on a 100-point scale to help people know how healthy their water is. A simple depiction of a happy, sad or dead fish immediately lets people know whether they want to be drinking from that cup.

3. SOL Smart Home

The SOL-ONE smart air care device seeks to move air purifiers away from their industrial designs. With its ceramic exterior, it has a modern look with included mood lighting. It can even be coupled with different fragrances to help keep the home smelling fresh.

Other startups were happy about show traffic, as well. Vago, a returning startup that won a problem solver award at a previous SULP show, had a consistent flow of interested buyers wanting to watch how its compression bags worked to help travelers fit more in their luggage.

Many passersby were also tempted to try the Cinera headset, which helps give people an immersive movie experience by making it feel like you’re in a theater from the comfort of your own home.

The startups were even pleased with traffic up to the final hours. Smiirl said some of the best leads for their smart social media counter came on the final day of the show.

There were too many great startups to mention here, each with plenty to say about their experiences at the show. But why take our word for it? The mobile electronics portion of the show starts on Wednesday, so head over to AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong if you’re in the area. Tickets to the conference are free, as well. Sign up here:

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