The SULP17 mobile electronics show was full of surprising tech

The Startup Launchpad show is all wrapped up for 2017. The second half of the show, which focused on mobile electronics, was a great success in terms of helping startups get great leads for markets across the globe. Many of these startups were also showcasing some surprising technology, like a Braille smartwatch, light therapy belt and headphones tuned a particular user’s hearing. All of these startups and more were among our picks for top startups at the show.

Here are our picks for problem solver, best tech and best product design at the SULP17 ME show.

Problem Solver

Dot Braille smartwatch

Dot Inc.’s smartwatch has retractable bumps that change to show the time and date in Braille. When synced up with a smartphone over Bluetooth, it can also show notifications for calls and messages, starting with the name of the app each notification is coming from.

Misway Tech Aibuds

Misway’s Aibuds can live translate languages using services like Google Translate and Microsoft Bing. It connects to your phone and changes services based on where you are. This is most useful for people traveling in and out of China, where Google services are blocked.

Mangoslab Nemonic printer

This printer uses no ink or toner. It uses special sticky note paper that allows it to instantly print any image on a smartphone. Mangoslab has made Post-Its for the digital age.

Best Tech

Magnet Smart Networking

The Magnet team uses sensors placed strategically around a space like a retail location or conference venue to track users and give them relevant information. This can include using augmented reality within an app to give people directions at a large trade show.

Audio Session headphones

Audio Session developed a way of fine giving each user a unique audio profile to enhance how each person hears music. The information is saved on the Bluetooth headphones so users can easily switch between devices without reconfiguring their audio profile.


Peeple is a connected camera for a door peephole. It can notify users when someone approaches the door or when someone knocks, keeping people informed about what’s happening at home while they’re away.

Best Product Design

Flexound Systems HUMU pillow

The HUMU pillow gives users an immersive audio experience without the use of headphones. It’s ideal for relaxing settings like watching movies at home, where people can feel the audio vibrations as if in a theater.

Noerden smartwatches

Noerden has a line of smartwatches that are have analog watchfaces but offer smart functionality through the use of vibrations and activity tracking to keep users informed without requiring them to wear a full computer on their wrist.

Double H LumiDiet

The LumiDiet belt uses light therapy to help people lose weight. The belt uses a sleek design that makes it appealing to use for the recommended 30 minutes each day.

China Daily, a Startup Launchpad partner, also gave out their own Innovation Awards during the show. They recognized some of the same innovators as the SULP team, but also had their own take on the best tech at the show. Here are their award winners.


Most Promising Electronic Gadgets:

  • Liberty+ — Wireless earbuds with Alexa
    Scalescan — 3D printer for mobile phones
    XimNeon — VR controller
    Maxus— Gesture Sensing full display
    Misway Aibuds — Earbuds with live translation
    Shenzhen Micronature Innovation Technology — AI Enhanced Thermostat

Most Promising Startups:

  • Dot Inc. — Braille smartwatch
    Mega Unit Technology — Speednite sensor for head motion control of bike lighting
    Sybo Tech Singapore — Pebby

All-in-all, Startup Launchpad 2017 was a big success. The show returns in April when the show has been condensed into a single week to help highlight the best startups in the electronics industry. In the meantime, there will be plenty of updates here at the blog and on social media, so check back soon and stay updated on the latest happenings the startup world.

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