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Exhibit to 63,000+ Buyers and the Top 100 Global Retailers

“ This is a great forum for meeting new companies. It's a great forum for companies in turn to get feedback from the market and what people are actually looking for. ”

Kyle Schutter | b8ta

Have a product that you are sure buyers will love, but not sure how to get in touch with them? We have 63,000 buyers that consistently visit our tradeshow. We offer you a platform to market to them and receive actual feedback to get your products from online sales to big box retail.

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Bring Your Product To Life with 6,000+ Manufacturers

Startup Launchpad provides startups with access to over 6,000+ verified manufacturers.


Manufacturing is one of the most difficult and complex aspects of launching hardware products, costing startups tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars with an unpredictable time frame, throwing a real monkey-wrench in the operation. Engineering is also never easy, quality control gets very tricky very quickly, and the process itself is simply draining. Startup Launchpad understands this issue too well and offers exhibitors wishing to explore alternative manufacturing solutions to get introduced to numerous manufacturers during the event.


Showcase your innovation to the world's renowned retailers

Maybe you have been trying to get in touch with the person in charge at Brookstone or Best Buy, but don’t know where to start. We have a Buyer Corner where you can sign up to have 1-on-1 meetings with specific retailers and pitch your product.

Startup Launchpad has helped us big time in building our global distribution network. Not only were we able to get our products into big retail store shelves, but we also met key personnel that allow us to work closely with Apple Home Kit!

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Christian Yan
COO, Nanoleaf

Hardware Heroes

Gain actionable insights from international industry experts

No show would be complete without a conference program. Although our focus is mainly on manufacturing and distribution, we invite thought leaders and experts to come and share how they went from ordinary to hardware superheroes.

It is a chance to see what's going on in the Hong Kong ecosystem, and get an update and status of the supply chain through the trade show.

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Benjamin Joffe
General Partner, HAX


Learn how to build better hardware startups

Maybe you are not ready to get into retail yet, and are still trying to figure out your manufacturing. We hold workshops with industry experts that take you through all the essential topics from pricing, to manufacturing in China, to how to talk to Buyers. Our workshops get you ready to DO REAL BUSINESS.

Startup Launchpad brings newness to the market and one of the things the consumer market needs is innovation, and so meeting with these startups we can help them transition from online quickly to retail and they can help us with sharp, new, cool products, so that works really well!

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Charles Brown
CEO & President, The Source

Mini Events

Connect with the right people and resources

We hold mini events every month to bring together the hardware community. We bring in thought leaders and hardware heroes that have paved the way to tell us how they did it. Our mini events are a great way to learn more about who we are, what we are about and to meet and network with your peers.

Startup Launchpad is different because it is here in Hong Kong with a mix of East and West Startups that I don't see anywhere else.

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Ben Bateman
Senior Director of Strategic Program, Indiegogo